Saturday, March 19, 2011

One of the best flash zombie games I've played!

I think it's only fair to say that Rebuild was a very fun game and deserves recognition! The game has literally hours of nonstop gameplay, and the strategic turn based dynamics of the game are almost identical to the game Risk. With various tasks such as training soldiers, scouring ruins for supplies, killing zombies and recruiting new survivors, you will always be busy having fun with this challenging zombie strategy game.

I started off on normal difficulty with the largest map size available and named my city "Zed Town" and the lead survivor's name was "Charlie Sheen", pretty cool right? Well, after customizing my game I got right into the action. I saw that I had about 4 squares of land and two of them were farm plots, one of them was a small housing structure, and the other was police station. So, farm land provides food, housing provides shelter and more room for survivors, and a police station is the guard outpost. I had a couple of soldiers, my mayor Charlie Sheen, some scavengers, two doctors, and a few regular survivors that essentially do nothing. Right away I sent out the two scavengers to scope out my surroundings as I had what appeared to be vacant farm land to the west, a gas station to the north, an apartment complex to the south, and a fast food restaurant to the east.

When my scavengers returned it turns out the surrounding area was not vacant at all, and I had to scour each plot with my soldiers before retaking the plots. It turns out sending my soldiers out all at once was not a good idea as there are random attacks on your base that require defenders to be positioned in the guard house! With my city essentially wiped out, I had to restart.

After I had learned the ropes of Rebuild a little better, I had a thriving zombie apocalypse metropolis! My fortress was impenetrable as I was constantly reminded of my first error and did my best to not let that downfall happen again. I'm gonna have to give this game a solid 9/10, the only reason it didn't get a full 10/10 is because of how hard it is for new users to get a good grasp on the rules of gameplay. Develop your own strategy and maybe someday you will rule the small city of "Zed Town" too!
Will you rebuild civilization in the zombie apocalypse? 

Friday, March 18, 2011

The good, the bad, the zombie movie.

I love zombie films, the gore of it all, the suspense of the survivors and the pure horror of the impending doom from the horde of flesh eating monsters. There's something about it all that drives me to find the best zombie movie ever made. Seriously, it's pretty awesome watching some guy gun down a massive onslaught of zombies, or the antagonist of the survivor group getting completely mauled, there's something magical about those cinematic moments!

 I can honestly say that I have spent a large portion of my life staring at a screen watching a zombie movie. Many of them were nothing short of being superb, and others.... they should just stay on the shelf at Blockbuster. It's always a rewarding experience when I pick up a zombie movie and think "Oh god, this is a 50/50 chance." and it turns out the movie was actually very decent! On the other hand, when that 50/50 chance doesn't play in my favor and the movie turns out to be a complete waste of 2 hours and $6.00, I'm devastated. So to ensure you pick out only the best zombie movie when you plan your Hollywood horror night with friends, I've made a list of my personal choices of zombie movies that are either a 100% chance of enjoyment, or 100% chance of torture, your choice!

Lets get this list started!

The good:

(1) 28 Days Later

"One of the scariest horror films in years" is definitely right. This film will have you on the edge of your seat as the main character Jim (Cillian Murphey) ventures forth through a desolate urban wasteland after a virus only known as Rage has infected most of the world's remaining population. He awakens in a hospital only to find that the city he once loved is empty, everybody is dead and there is no one left.... or so he thinks.

The movie itself is a legend in my books rated 10/10. The emotional intensity of the survivors banding together is flawless, watching them struggle as they encounter numerous obstacles that are hindering their survival just induces hurt fingers from nonstop nailbiting.
Watching this never ending onslaught of the rage infected horde mercilessly assaulting the little band of survivors is a masterpiece. The director made the zombies appear to be much more than dumb wandering flesh eating mutants, he crafted a horde of ravenous insanity fueled demons that will stop at nothing to tear you limb from limb. 

Overall, I'd give this movie a 10/10, the story line is flawless, the acting is believable, the special effects were outstanding for its time. For once, a zombie movie got the proper funding before being made.

(2) Dead Set

This was a mini-series in the UK, but the version I saw was one long movie, and I loved it. Dead Set had all the variables needed to make a good zombie flick: Unknown outbreak of a zombie virus? Check. Massive horde of the undead? Check. Guns and unlikely weapons? Check. Survivors forging a stronghold on the set of Big Brother? Che- wait, what?

That's right, these survivors hold down the fort on the set of the hit TV show Big Brother, although, I personally would have chosen the set of Hell's Kitchen, seriously, I don't think the undead would want to mess with Gordon Ramsay. While this stronghold may seem ridiculous, the survivors are forced into it as the group consists of the surviving Big Brother cast and crew. Imagine getting completely shafted by fate and winding up stuck surviving with that group, sounds crappy, doesn't it? Well that's what the main character Kelly (Jaime Winstone) has to endure.

While this may sound overrated, believe me, it's not, it's actually quite humorous watching this group band together and overcome the obstacles that lay before them. The humor mixed with the sheer horror of undead is a splendid combination as the two evenly balance out and leave you in suspense and laughing at the idiocy of the Big Brother cast trying to survive under control of Kelly. Although the undead have taken over the reality drama TV set, the drama does not stop, it's still like watching all the drama of Big Brother unfold, but with zombies!

I'd have to say the director did a great job on this movie, as the acting was remarkable even though many of the supporting characters were cameos from the actual Big Brother cast, the storyline was drama and action packed, and the special effects, while at some times were a tad choppy, all in all made for a very good show and made it worth all the more to watch. 

(3) Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of the Dead paved the way for modern zombie media in practically every way possible. This movie is certainly not a let down.

Ana's a nurse that just finished her shift at work amidst the ongoing outbreak of a virus bringing people back to life, she is completely oblivious to the chaos around her and will soon be fighting for her life. After the opening scene Ana's life is turned completely upside down as her entire neighborhood is infected, everyone she's loved is dead, and her only option for survival is escape. Barreling down the road Ana encounters the numerous difficulties of vehicular escape on Z-Day and is soon involved in a car accident that  leaves her unconscious. She is found by a police officer and soon joins a small band of survivors that find refuge in a supposedly abandoned shopping mall. Once there, the only option for survival is ensuring the mall is completely locked down.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Well believe me when I say this is Hollywood zombie gold, because I was impressed with every element of this zombie movie. The director created a horde of zombies, not ghouls or mindless mutants, he stuck true to the zombie's hive mindset and brought a horde of hungry beasts to life. The acting was top notch and each survivor had a very distinct personality that played its part in the survival of the group. Special effects? Come on, they had enough money to replicate the inside of a mall, do you honestly think they'd overlook special effects? The special effects were gritty, grungy, and every single spray of blood made you wonder if someone actually got shot. The lighting in the movie was well done too, it left this eerie glow on everything and made it all the more suspenseful. While there are minor gaps in the story line, they are intentionally there to let you build your own thoughts on the survivors and piece together a background story of them. Overall it was a good movie!


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